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Marlon Kobacker Reviews Local Efforts to Utilize 100 Percent Renewable Energy

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Marlon Kobacker Reviews Local Efforts to Utilize 100 Percent Renewable Energy

The global issue of climate change is one that must be addressed across multiple levels, with the local level being particularly important due to its ability to clearly demonstrate the many promising benefits of implementing and utilizing renewable sources of energy. These benefits obviously include the basic morality inherent in working to ensure global climate change does not further devastate the environment, but there are also substantial economic gains to be realized as well. Experts like Marlon Kobacker tend to agree that this is an issue requiring immediate action on a global scale, from individuals and local governments to international corporations and intergovernmental organizations.

1471375_517908namedAt the local level, municipalities can create something of a blueprint for others to follow and can demonstrate to those hesitant to make the switch to renewable energy sources that the overwhelming majority of the concerns that have been voiced in opposition are largely unfounded. In fact, there are several municipalities that have taken an aggressive stance in making the switch to total reliance on sustainable energy resources, setting fairly lofty goals with the hope of completely abandoning the use of fossil fuels for energy within a fairly short period of time.

According to Marlon Kobacker, one municipality in particular has set an excellent example with its goals and its timeline for achieving those goals. In Newstead, for example, a five-year timeline has been outlined in which the town will rely only on renewable resources for all of its energy needs. Such a goal requires fairly sweeping changes in infrastructure, but consumer demand has proven to be quite effective in driving action to ensure that renewable sources of energy are accessible to those who wish to utilize it.

Newstead, as Marlon Kobacker notes, is hardly alone in setting a goal to eliminate any remaining reliance of fossil fuel for energy purposes. Many towns throughout Australia have made a similar commitment to sustainability with regard to energy use, but Newstead is simply among the most aggressive in the timeline it has set for achieving 100 percent reliance on renewable sources of energy. Taking this sort of action demonstrates the seriousness of addressing climate change with the sort of urgency it demands, and there is certainly the hope that others will recognize the severity of the issue in a manner that encourages greater and more immediate action.

Municipalities certainly have a major role to play, but residents must also demand action from their representatives should they desire to see changes take place. In the Newstead example, residents represented much of the impetus for such rapid action on the part of the municipality, demanding access as consumers to the renewable energy sources they personally prefer to utilize. For sweeping changes to take place on a global scale, it seems clear that there must be a total effort that begins with individual action at the local level that, in turn, inspires a greater emphasis on the international level.

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