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C&M-35Marlon Kobacker is the leader of the sustainability advisory business at Clean Energy Corporation Australia (CECA), a company offering a wide range of services relevant to sustainable development. In his role with CECA, Marlon brings well over a decade’s worth of experience in the field of sustainable design and development along with an accomplished track record of success across a variety of green building projects. With previous experience as a consultant, manager, speaker, academic lecturer and more, Marlon is able to draw on his many varied and relevant professional experiences in his current leadership role with Clean Energy Corporation Australia.

Over the past 13 years, Marlon has engaged in a variety of professional endeavors requiring an expert understanding of green building, renewable energy and climate change adaptation along with the ability to perform feasibility studies, life-cycle assessments and sustainability analyses. Whether he has been called upon for private or public projects involving infrastructure or property development, Marlon has consistently exhibited a true passion for sustainable design and has always strived to incorporate features that eliminate or reduce wasteful practices and remain in keeping with the principles inherent in environmental responsibility.

Marlon attended the University of New South Wales, and as an undergraduate he earned the honor of being the world’s first student to complete a degree in photovoltaic engineering. While at the University of New South Wales, Marlon also studied computing and solar energy before earning a Master of the Built Environment in Sustainable Design. With his master’s degree complete, Marlon remained at the school and began lecturing at the university’s School of Renewable Energy, where he also developed a new course on solar architectural technologies.

Marlon is involved with a number of professional organizations relating to his industry and has earned accreditations from the United States Green Building Council, the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia and the Green Building Council of Australia. In addition to his impressive professional accomplishments and experience, Marlon is also the author of several articles and books covering various aspects of sustainable design, carbon footprinting, corporate social responsibility and the removal of capital cost barriers.