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ACM Group Shares Some Basic Tips on Conservation

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ACM Group Shares Some Basic Tips on Conservation

January 14, 2017      In Other By No Comments

Most people want to find efficient ways to conserve energy. Conserving energy goes a long way to help our environment. We decided to ask the experts about this. Who better to ask than the ACM Group?

1) Try to avoid using your appliances during their peak times. Peak times can and do include hours 12-4Pm and 8-11Pm. Peak times add to overuse.

2) Set your water heater’s temperature at 60 degrees Celsius. Turn it off when you are not using it. Peak times for non-use include the summer.

3) Try not to use electric cookers. Try to use cookers that run on natural gas. This will cut down on your power usage in a big way. Try to cook more than one thing at a time. Cooking more than one food at once will cut down on the power. This will also reduce your bill.

4) Turn off your t.v. when you are not using it. Take this one step further. Turn off the main source of the power supply when you do this. When you simply turn off your t.v., you are still connected to the power. Your energy will still be in use, even if it is not on.

5) Reduce the water you use while washing dishes. This is something I come up short on too. Fill the sink about halfway. Wash your dishes in the sink. This will save you about 30 liters every 15 minutes. Do this even when you are simply washing a few dishes for less than 5 minutes. You are still using up water.

6) Turn off the faucet when you are not using it. This goes for those of you shaving or brushing your teeth. Allowing the water to run will only use up the supply. Water is not something you can get back once it is used. This will cut down on the water usage in your home. Your bill will see a difference too.

7) Check up on a leak right away. Leaving a leak go will add up to about 30 liters of water being used each day. Water is precious. It is time for each of use to stop taking it for granted.

You can find out more about the ACM group and facts on conservation at this link:

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